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D’angelo’s delicious candies



Fios de ovos


Soraia and Cátia sisters: when the recipe to success runs in the family.

We started in 1922, just like many other small candy factories started their activities: informally, homemade in our own kitchen.

With a family of bakers since the 19th century, there was a large amount of incentive for us to quickly buy new, larger equipment, which could barely fit in our small kitchen, making us move to a bigger space, more adequate to our needs.

In the factory, inaugurated in 1994, we kept on making homemade like, egg-based desserts, strictly reproducing the family recipes taught by our parents, grandparents and great grandparents, in a tradition that renovates itself as each generation takes on our ancestors craft.

Nowadays, D’angelo products are made in Petropolis outskirts and can be found all over Brazil. Moreover, we have a forecast to export D’angelo products to countries we have never imagined.

So we keep on this path, wishing that D’angelo candies and desserts are increasingly appreciated by people who value very good quality products.

"Allow yourself to fall into temptation."

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