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“Don’t fall into all temptations. Select only the bests.

A successful brand created at the beginning of the past century.

Originally associated with Confeitaria D'angelo, established in the city of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro State, since 1914, the D'angelo brand has always maintained a presence with a loyal public, made up of candy lovers in general, especially the Famous D'angelo Caramels.

Reformulated in 1992, when the brand was sold to its current owners, D'angelo products were concentrated in egg-based candies, resulting in a specialized line, such as Quindins, Merengue, Chuviscos, Ambrosias and Fios de Ovos.

True to family recipes that give classic sweets a special touch of quality, the brand is now heading for new challenges, exporting products to markets never before imagined, thus fulfilling the challenge of satisfying the most distant palates, receptive to the tasting of these delicious sweeties.

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